The original Track-Pack machine has been re-born.

Meet the new JBS Track-Pack machine


This is a 14' tunnel machine (10' & 12' machines to follow).  It is self-propelled with a Cat C15 540hp engine. 12' rotor (solid 9" wide) and feedtable with a full hydraulic drive add to the speed and efficiency of the machine. The unique tracks system gives it the best compaction ability of any bagger on the market without the need of internal cables, anchors or external backstops to compact.  A spacious and comfortable cab with simple joystick control round out the ease of operation of the machine.

JBS Track-Pack Silage Bagger 5

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The final key is mobility: tandem axel air ride and 5th wheel hitch (both removable) along with 4 hydraulic lift jacks mean you no longer require a low bed trailer to move your machine and if you want to tow it - you can do so at 70 mile an hour down the highway.

JBS Track-Pack SIlage Bagger 4 (1)
JBS Track-Pack Silage Bagger 6

The Ag-Bagger gives you all the convenience and financial advantages of oxygen-free bag storage. Complete portability, power where you want it, and precision where it counts. As an alternative to permanent vertical silos, bunker silos, and grain bins, bag storage can achieve high density feeds in a completely sealed atmosphere.

G6170 Ag-Bagger

G6170 Ag-Bagger


The G6170's 7' line-bored rotor is 30% stronger than the previous design, and is a full width, low profile, 56 tooth rotor that ensures a dense, uniform pack for a smoother bag. The rotor and tunnel design are the key to a well packed bag.

G6170 Brochure

LX1214 Professional Ag-Bagger

LX1214 Professional Ag-Bagger


Ag-Bag offers the LX1214 Professional Ag-Bagger, available with interchangeable 12 and 14 foot tunnel options. The bagger will replace the X1114.

LX1214 Brochure


We also provide used Ag Bag machines that come available throughout the season.  We have sold hundreds of 6000, 7000, and 10,000 series machines throughout the years.  If you have machines for sale or if you want to purchase a used one, we can ensure you get the best price for the right product.

Silage Bagger Machines For Feed Storage

Sealed storage eliminates oxygen, producing faster ph drops so that the silage reaches total fermentation in a shorter period of time. This reduces fermentation loss.
To this end, we supply:

  • Bagging Machines - range of pull type 8' baggers to self propelled 14' machines.
  • Parts & Service - for all our stock