Crops harvested for silage contain both good and bag ‘bugs’ (microbes).

Lactic Acid production Bacteria (LAB) are ‘good’ microbes that help ensile the crop.  ‘Bad’ bugs (spoilage microbes) like clostridia, bacilli, yeast & molds affect silage in a negative way.

Using a quality inoculant that contains ‘good’ bugs, they can dominate the ensiling process and result in less spoilage, better dry matter retention and higher a better quality feed.

We sell the following innoculant products from BIOTAL:


Biotal Plus

Biotal Plus combines Biotal’s elite, fast and efficient lactic acid producer Pediococcus pentosaceus with an enzyme formulation tailored to direct the fermentation and a scientifically selected propionic acid producing bacterium. This eliminates spoilage bacteria (Clostridia, Listeria, Enterobacteria) and yeasts and molds that cause pH drift, heating and severe spoilage losses. Improved silage stability, Better intakes, Better in-rumen digestibility, Less Waste

Use Biotal Plus for all your regular needs.


Biotal Buchneri 500

Combining the power of Biotal Plus and Buchneri 40788 to bring you the product for all your forages. The difference is Lactobactillus buchneri 40788.

L. buchneri 40788 was originally isolated and proven effective by world leading forage scientists at the ID-DLO in Holland. L. buchneri 40788 has consistently reduced heating and spoilage by yeasts and molds in a range of forages. Forages are more stable, meaning less wastage, more forage to feed, better intakes and better hygienic feed quality.


Use Biotal Buchneri 500 if you have any heating events when feeding from the face or mold or yeast problem. Assists with warm weather heating as well.



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