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Ministry Update on Army Worm and Rootworm – June 2018

An update on the status of Army Worm & Rootworm activity in BC has been sent by the BC Ministry and Ag.  Please see it below:

True Armyworm:

  • We have been monitoring for adult moths with pheromone traps in the Fraser Valley and on Vancouver Island from early May onwards.  You may see our green bucket traps or possibly wing traps (flat white sticky traps) around, along fence lines or field edges.  The traps are checked weekly and any armyworms caught are recorded, and kept for further analysis.
  • So far, we have caught a few armyworm moths on Vancouver island, and only one moth in Matsqui.  This number of moths is not of concern at this point.
  • Even though moth counts are low in traps, we still advise that you monitor your grass field for caterpillars from now (mid June) onwards on a weekly basis, or more regularly if you are concerned.  Last year, it was early July when growers on Vancouver Island noticed lots of hungry caterpillars doing damage in their fields.
  • There is armyworm information on our BCAGRI website,, and other local sites.


Corn Rootworm: 

  • So far, this pest is only known to be present in the Fraser Valley of BC, with the highest numbers from Abbotsford to Rosedale/east of Chilliwack.
  • Please watch for any sign of this insect in other corn growing regions of BC (Vancouver Island, Okanagan, etc).


Fraser Valley:

  • Overwintering egg hatch should have mostly hatched by now, and the larvae will be feeding on corn roots.
  • Any treatments used at planting should be controlling the larvae;  this will be assessed later in the season.
  • Any untreated fields may show damage (tipping corn plants) by mid July.
  • We will set adult beetle traps to track the adult populations starting in mid July.
  • Information on corn rootworm can be found on the website.