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Western Corn Rootworm Q&A

What do the worms look like? “Worms” are actually thin white larvae of the Western Corn Rootworm beetle.  These larvae can be found in corn root masses and feed on and can destroy the brace roots and main roots of the corn plants. The plant can grow and seem healthy but is weak and can … Read more

Army Worm Q&A

What do the worms look like? The “worms” are caterpillars (larvae) up to 1.5 inches long (3.5 cm), with brown to black bodies with tan stripes on sides. Heads are tan and mottled with darker lines. Larvae have 6 instars (stages) with the last three stages being the most damaging to grass hay and corn … Read more

Pest Alert September 7, 2017

Prepared by Tracy Hueppelsheuser, [email protected] 604-556-3031, B.C. Ministry of Agriculture, Abbotsford. True Armyworm (Pseudoletia unipuncta or Mythinma unipuncta) second generation larvae have been observed severely damaging grass hay and forage corn in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island. General Locations confirmed with heavy larvae feeding and damage to grass hay and corn: Vancouver Island locations … Read more