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Army Worm Q&A

What do the worms look like? The “worms” are caterpillars (larvae) up to 1.5 inches long (3.5 cm), with brown to black bodies with tan stripes on sides. Heads are tan and mottled with darker lines. Larvae have 6 instars (stages) with the last three stages being the most damaging to grass hay and corn … Read more

True Armyworm Update August 28, 2017

Prepared by: Tracy Hueppelsheuser, B.C. Ministry of Agriculture, [email protected] 604-556-3031 Moth traps were set up during early August near fields that experienced damage during the first generation of caterpillars/armyworms. Moths have been seen in fields and caught consistently in traps in Port Alberni, Courtenay/Comox, and Cowichan valley locations. Traps are checked approximately weekly and number … Read more